B12 Miami is in Miami, FL, and serves the local and national area.  Our main focus is to provide people with easy and affordable access to injectable vitamins, amino acids, and other non controlled substances that help with weight loss, overall health, energy, and more.  We love preventive medicine and our aim is to ensure everyone has easy access to information on how to get started.  As an affiliate to some of the top medical clinics in the country, we can facilitate the legal requirements needed to obtain these prescription medications. 

We help you every step of the way.  We ensure you fill out the required legal documents.  This can be done online and is very simple.  We ensure you get scheduled for a telemedicine consultation with one of our medical providers.  If you are located in Miami, we can coordinate a walk-in appointment for you. 

B12 Miami was founded by Marlon Figueroa.  Marlon is a health enthusiast and has trained hundreds of clients in health and fitness.  He created B12 Miami after he realized he had to jump various hoops just to obtain quality prescription vitamins in injectable form.  He wanted to create a simple method for others to obtain injectable prescription vitamins and amino acids. 

Looking to get started today? Excellent, please click on the “Getting Started” tab on our homepage to get started on an online intake form. 

Please Note:

We do not retail any products on this website or our brick and mortar location. We only provide comprehensive weight loss program consulting, and weight loss counselor coordinating between the client and physician. Once the physician has approved your program, we will coordinate the sending of your prescribed supplies and all other supplies you’ll need to effectively complete a program.  We are with you every step of the way to get you started on a weight loss program that is safe, legal, and highly effective.

After your online intake form is submitted to us and one of our partner state-licensed physicians, our physician will review it for approval.  Once approval is obtained, you will consult with a physician then you will be guided by a counselor coordinator who specializes only in the HCG Diet and Sermorelin Therapy.  The counselor coordinator will get you started in a highly modernized weight loss protocol.

Using a combination of legal (and very safe) hormone injections for phases 1 and 2 of your diet, and then converting your eating habits to a paleo-like diet in phase 3, we will help to restore and strengthen your bodies hunger hormones.  Our protocol is effective at restoring a condition that all obese individuals suffer from called Leptin Resistance.  Our protocol will also reset your metabolic rate to your new and reduced body weight.  This helps to keep the weight off after the diet is over if proper discipline and eating habits are maintained.


We have counselors to support you, take your call, and answer your inquiries whenever you have questions. It is our job to be accessible to you throughout your diet program. While most questions are answered in the printed materials provided, the FAQ’s, or website material, all your concerns and questions will be responded to in a timely manner by our staff. It is our job to help you, and we want you to reach the weight loss goals.

If you need assistance in the ordering process, call us at our main contact number (305)490-2240

Our source of B12 and the supplements we advocate are from superior companies with superior products. They are top quality from the very best suppliers.