Are HCG injections Safe for Men? Facts Even Women Don’t Know About the HCG Diet

Did you know that HCG is made from a hormone produced by pregnant women? If you’re a man thinking about doing the HCG diet, you need to know the facts first. If you’re a woman, you’ll be surprised by truth about the so-called “pregnancy hormone.” HCG for men is very safe.

HCG injections are made from the hormone called “human chorionic gonadotropin.” It’s a type of hormone that is normally present only in the female body during pregnancy. This fact has made a few men a little nervous. If a man puts this female-generated hormone into his body, what will happen? Is it safe for men?

The following interesting facts will help clear this up.

Fact #1

HCG isn’t limited to the mother’s body. It also enters the fetus’s body and stimulates the development of the gonads in the male fetus. So, all men have had HCG in their bodies while still in the womb, and they wouldn’t have certain male organs without it. HCG injections aren’t going to hurt your masculinity, in fact, it may help. The HCG hormone injections can also increase the number of Leydig cells in the testicles. As an additional benefit in men during the diet, the Leydig cells in the client produce testosterone. In a typical male, they produce from 4-10 mg of testosterone each day. You know what that means!

Fact #2

HCG has a similar effect in older boys. It stimulates the production of testosterone and can help the testicles develop and descend in adolescent boys with such problems. In fact, this use of HCG is what originally gave Dr. Simeons the clue that HCG could be used for weight loss. He was helping boys who suffered from Froehlich’s syndrome, a condition that causes slowed sexual development and extreme weight gain. When Dr. Simeons gave these boys HCG, not only did their sexual organs develop rapidly, they also discovered that they could eat very little food without hunger and lose weight. HCG injections are a direct outgrowth of this discovery.

Fact #3

At its peak, HCG reaches levels of 288,000 International Units in the pregnant woman’s body, and this level has no negative effect on the mother or the fetus. The typical dosage of HCG injections for weight loss is only 200 International Units—that’s about 2000 times less than the amount in pregnancy. HCG injections contain just enough HCG to trigger the weight loss effect.

Fact #4

HCG injections have helped innumerable numbers of men lose weight. There have been no indications of HCG injections causing strange or harmful effects in men. In fact, HCG injections seem to work even better for men than women, since men tend to lose weight faster than women on the HCG diet.  Typically, men lose around a pound a day, but they are likely to lose more weight on average than women. Naturally, this depends on the starting weight. The more weight you have, the more you will lose on your program. Another reason is that men typically have more muscle mass than women. Because muscle burns fat, a man’s metabolic rate for fat breakdown tends to be higher than women. Another aspect to their more rapid weight loss can be attributed to testosterone. As mentioned earlier, HCG injections can promote the production of testosterone, which in turn has a direct effect on muscle cells. Men can obtain more muscle from workouts and burn extra fat!

Fact #5

During your weight loss program, improved testosterone can assist with slight cases of erectile dysfunction and low libido. When testosterone levels drop, men begin to experience problems with sexual function. The signs of this may begin with requiring extra stimulation to obtain an erection and the loss of unintentional morning erections.

It may also manifest with feeling too tired for sexual activity or feeling as though it is not interesting. Testosterone is directly accountable for sexual function and desire, and when the Leydig cells are inclined to produce more testosterone, it can help improve sexual function and desire.

HCG is administered into precise doses that allow men to take the hormone for weight loss. The best and most effective HCG comes in an injectable form which we endorse and dosages must be modified to fit individual weight and height. HCG pills do work but Homeopathic HCG is a full scam on the public so be careful. You cannot make a homeopathic hormone and genuine HCG is a prescription only pharmaceutical product.


This should help put to rest any fears you men might have had about the effects of HCG injections on the male body. HCG isn’t a “female” hormone; it’s a human hormone. Far from having a feminizing effect, HCG has special properties that aid the development of manhood and plays a key role in making men into—well, men. So yes, HCG injections are safe for men.


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