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Technology and telemedicine law are crucial to B12 Miami weight loss programs. As a participating telemedicine provider with medical associates having years of experience in clinical medicine, B12 Miami can service an increasing number of patients through telemedicine using the same clinicians and secured communications. We are the best online HCG & B12 shots clinic you will find.

Acceptance of the HCG assisted diet continues to increase, and request for the program, as well as our achievement with the HCG assisted diet has carried us into the future through telemedicine. The HCG assisted diet through B12 Miami is only conceivable by completing all forms required. You authorize us to act on your behalf and present the forms to the doctor. The doctor then legally and appropriately works together with B12 Miami and each client to provide a safe and effective HCG assisted diet program.

All B12 Near Me patients will obtain HCG from a licensed U.S. pharmacy.

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To inquire about the company’s medical weight loss program call us at 305-490-2240

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To inquire about the company’s medical weight loss program call us at 305-490-2240

Your consultation using Telemedicine allows distant access between the clinician and patient under conditions that are met when you read and sign the attached Terms and Conditions forms on this website.

You will have access to your Doctor and Counselors throughout your diet program. Upon completion of your required forms, your Doctor will review the Medical History and will contact you to discuss any questions he may have.

Our B12 Miami Weight Loss Program is safe, effective and it yields consistent weight loss. Patients will experience a reduction of risk factors for chronic health conditions such as high or low blood pressure and diabetes. Weight loss will improve blood sugars, triglycerides, cholesterol, immune function, arthritis and mood, risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

You will feel as though you have more energy and a better mood. Our Physicians and Counselors have a thorough understanding of how and why people gain and lose weight based on science, common sense and our daily interaction with clients.

Our staff also understands emotional, social and behavioral relationships with food and how those relationships effect weight and health. We understand there are physiological, medical, emotional and psychological factors to weight loss as well as hormone imbalances, and digestive health. We gather all this information to personalize and create a long-term weight loss solution tailored to your individual medical history based on the modernized HCG assisted diet protocols.

Our diet is a safe program without the common side effects of other weight loss drugs. It is also quite inexpensive compared to other programs, lap-bands or bypass surgery.

B12 Miami is in full compliance with Telemedicine laws, rules, and regulations.  B12 Miami accepts and is in compliance with the requirements below: 

* “Telemedicine” means the practice of medicine by a licensed Florida physician or physician assistant where patient care, treatment, or services are provided using medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications.

* The standard of care, as defined in Section 456.50(1)(e), F.S., shall remain the same regardless of whether a Florida licensed physician or physician assistant provides health care services in person or by telemedicine.

* Controlled substances shall not be prescribed using telemedicine except for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Please note that HCG, Sermorelin, B12, L-Carnitine, and all other injectable vitamins, used by B12 Miami partner physicians, are legend drugs and NOT classified as controlled substances.  Also note that a physician can prescribe a controlled substance via telemedicine for the treatment of psychiatric disorders such as anxiety, depression, or binge eating.  These psychiatric disorders are often related to body weight issues and a proper diet is a justifiable treatment. 

* Prescribing medications based solely on an electronic medical questionnaire constitutes the failure to practice medicine with that level of care, skill, and treatment which is recognized by reasonably prudent physicians as being acceptable under similar conditions and circumstances, as well as prescribing legend drugs other than in the course of a physician’s professional practice.  Physicians working with you will review a questionnaire as well as consult over the phone, skype, facetime, or another form of face to face electronic communication in order to fully understand the cause of weight gain and to skillfully treat the issue with the highest level of care.

* Physicians and physician assistants shall not provide treatment recommendations, including issuing a prescription, via electronic or other means, unless the following elements have been met:

  1. A documented patient evaluation, including history and physical examination to establish the diagnosis for which any legend drug is prescribed. (A STANDARD PHYSICAL EXAMINATION MUST BE OBTAINED)
  2. Discussion between the physician or the physician assistant and the patient regarding treatment options and the risks and benefits of treatment. On our legal forms, you the patient designates B12 Miami to act as a coordinator between you and the physician.  B12 Miami becomes a designee of the patient and we can discuss with the physician, on the patient’s behalf, the best possible treatment options.
  3. Maintenance of contemporaneous medical records meeting the requirements of Rule 64B8-9.003, F.A.C.

* The practice of medicine by telemedicine does not alter any obligation of the physician or the physician assistant regarding patient confidentiality or recordkeeping.

* A physician-patient relationship may be established through telemedicine.