• Hydroxocobalamin is a naturally occurring vitamin b12 form found in foods. It has the longest lasting effect. Useful for detox, stress, and quitting smoking
  • Hydroxocobalamin binds particularly well to the transportation molecules of the body and therefore circulates much longer in the blood than any other form of B12. This ensures a long – lasting and consistent vitamin supply
  • Hydroxocobalamin is also a nitric oxide (NO) radical scavenger and therefore an excellent remedy against what is known as Nitrosative stress, believed to be the cause of variety of diseases. Therefore, if you take B12 supplements regularly, you should ensure that hydroxocobalamin is contained in addition to the active B12 forms. Although it is somewhat more expensive than cheap cyanocobalamin supplements, there are clear benefits of hydroxocobalamin, and it matches the natural B12 profile found in foods.
  • Hydroxocobalamin is an exceptional cyanide scavenger and is used in the treatment of smoke poisoning, among other things. This active ingredient is therefore an excellent alternative for people who are trying to stop smoking and smoking detoxification

Hydroxocobalamin is particularly beneficial because the body absorbs it remarkably well. Hydroxocobalamin is therefore the standard for vitamin B12 injections in many countries; the benefits of hydroxocobalamin are entirely clear compared to the synthetic alternative form cyanocobalamin