It’s no secret injectable forms of medicines or vitamins are far more effective than pill forms.  With injections the medications reach the blood stream quicker and much more effectively.  As we get older, our bodies ability to absorb becomes weaker.  Older people have low stomach acid production, and this prevents B12 from being released from foods or pills during digestion. When taking pills, this presents a major problem.  The solution is to utilize injections.  Note: the syringes we use are very small and painless, you can do it!

Prescription B12 or other vitamins and amino acids can only be legally obtained by a licensed clinic under the supervision of a licensed physician.  These prescription items undergo rigorous testing for quality and potency before the compounding pharmacies release them to the market.  With non-prescription vitamins purchased at Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, or other shops, the quality of these products are extremely low.  These items are often not FDA approved and testing for quality is not legally required.  Our compounding pharmacies hire third party companies to test and certify every medication and drug.


When working with B12 Injections Miami you will have access to a variety of products and programs that best fit your needs.  From vitamin supplementation to weight loss programs, our services can help you with your goals.  Our popular programs include the HCG Diet, Lipotropic Injections, BCAA shots, and of course the B12 injections.  We have other programs available and listed in our website heading.  Getting started is quick and easy.

The first step in getting started with us is to complete our simple online intake form (link located above).  Once the intake form is submitted our team of physicians will get you approved after reviewing your medical history and ensuring no contraindications exist.  The approval process is rapid, and files are often approved on the same day they are submitted.  Once a person is approved, the next step is a walk-in appointment or a telemedicine appointment for non-locals. After your appointment you’ll be ready to start.  We will provide you with all your required medications and supplies (syringes, alcohol pads, instructions).