The HCG program has 4 Phases

The main goal of our group is to aggressively help you lose weight in the fastest method imaginable using hCG, a VLCD (very low-calorie diet), and an understanding of calories, fat, and metabolism. We have many years of one on one experience working with hCG clients. This experience will help you achieve your goals and we will take all the time necessary to help you understand and succeed in your weight loss mission. Our HCG Diet Information is the best around.

You may find that earlier hCG diet plans you have explored or tried did not look to offer a concrete plan to fighting your weight loss battle. Perhaps they were imprecise and unsuccessful. Too many operations simply took the old diet package established in the late 50’s and still use it today without bearing in mind the changes in food processing, our body evolution, and current lifestyles.

We Are The Best Choice

Our tactic is entirely diverse and stresses that your self-discipline and commitment to the program are the solutions to attaining top results. Our package is based on a four-phase program that can and will get you amazing results during the days of your diet if you follow the directives. Logically your success is reliant on you following the instructions provided. The 4 phases will be explained thoroughly, but in brief, they are Phase 1: loading days, Phase 2: 800 calorie days, Phase 3: Stabilization, and Phase 4: keeping the weight off.


Who should try this program?

Thousands of overweight and obese patients have benefited from this program for many years and we guarantee it can dramatically change your life if you do your part.  You must be psychologically ready and have a solid yearning to reach your weight loss goals.
After you have accomplished our physician-assisted weight loss program you will experience powerful encouraging feelings that offer a new kind of connection with your body.

There is no reason that you cannot relish a life of a trimmer you with healthier overall health once you finished our four-phase HCG assisted diet program. We are one of a very few Diet Centers that has the very important and little explained fourth stage of the HCG Assisted Diet.

Many establishments promote the original HCG diet concept developed by Dr. Simeons. We are far detached from the protocols of the early script and for good cause. Too much time has elapsed to rely on the transcripts from the 1950’s. It was in association with Dr. Emma’s and HCG Diet Miami that the need to modify the original protocols was agreed upon long ago.  You can also research the work of Sonia Russell regarding the effectiveness and need of a modernized protocol for the HCG assisted diet.

At our Center, we promote the use of injectable hCG

Injectable hCG, given in the recommended quantity, has proven to be the most effective administration possible. While we will provide HCG tablets when requested, what we want to guarantee you is that given the small size of the syringe and the point of injection, you are going to find this application process effortless.

We have therapists and workplace staff to support you, take your call, and answer your questions whenever you call. It is our job to be available to you throughout your diet program. While most inquiries are answered in the printed resources provided, the FAQ’s or website information, all your concerns and questions will be responded to quickly by our staff. It is our job to help you, and we want you to reach your weight loss goals. If you need assistance in the ordering process, call us at our main contact number 954-512-8572.

Our source of hCG and the supplements we recommend are from top-notch companies with superior products. They are in the top class from the very best in the weight loss industry.

YOU Determine the Success

We need you to thrive. We want you to succeed. Please take this amazing program seriously. In the end, after all the determination, it will be completely up to you. We can only help if you follow the instructions.  Our counselors and office staff assist you by phone 954-512-8572 during standard business hours (10:00 am to 6:00 pm Eastern Time) throughout your 4-phase program with us. Please call this number for support or questions about our process, products, or ordering requirements.

Literally, tens of thousands of overweight and obese patients have benefited from this program over the last few years. We guarantee it can dramatically change your life if you do your part.
Yes, you will be tested (every significant kind of life modification will test you). Our program tools will help you make progress, as you follow the plan. You’ll have our coaching/support team working with you so you understand fat, calories, and metabolism and the choices you need to make each day.

 An Established Strategy

We have years of one-on-one knowledge working with hCG clients, and we are constantly perfecting our approach. We’ve studied evolving lifestyles, scientific and nutritional revolution, cultural eating patterns, and more to support the exclusive needs of our customers.
We are a physician-supervised weight loss program that leverages innovative telemedicine, medical support, and a licensed U.S. Pharmacy to meet your full range of needs.


Starting the program is a new beginning for you in the quest to weight loss.  Although we are a business and turning a profit is naturally important for us to remain in operations, we’d like you to know that if you are NOT prepared to follow diet instructions, we prefer you NOT spend your money.  The hCG injections alone will not lead to a successful program.  To lose locked down adipose fat (the bad fat), you need to take hCG together with a quality diet.

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